Teanaway Campground Renovation

Category Overview

The State Lands Development and Renovation category provides funding to two state agencies to repair, renovate, and develop outdoor recreation facilities on existing recreation lands. As the popularity of outdoor recreation increases in our state, these grants help address overcrowding, ensure our outdoor amenities are safe for public use, improve visitor experience, and allow more people to enjoy our great outdoors.

Project Highlights

This Department of Natural Resources used this grant to finish the renovation of Teanaway Camp located within the Teanaway Community Forest in Kittitas County. The project provided funding for materials, permits and reconstruction of the camping area loop roads. The project also paid for furnishings for a disc golf course, expanded parking for day use and walk-in campsites, four new single CXT toilets, ADA access to toilets and informational kiosks and interpretive signage. The project scope changed in a handful of ways throughout the permitting and review process. One of those changes was to reduce the number of new campsites from 17 to 12, to not renovate the existing 5 group campsites and to eliminate 870′ of road construction. This was because of cultural resource concerns that limited our ability to disturb areas that recent archaeological surveys identified. The cultural resource concerns also prompted us to change the volleyball court to a disc golf course to limit ground disturbance. The other scope change was to reduce 4,900′ of campsite surfacing because of county zoning limitations that would not allow us to delineate campsite parking pads or living spaces. Because of this, the campsite parking and living spaces have natural surfacing. We were able to use some of this funding to provide improved walk-in campsite parking and day use parking for river access. We were able to install four additional single vault toilets (for a total of 6) that are ADA compliant. The camping area loop road was re-routed to be in a more sustainable location, graded and graveled to improve circulation. We also installed barrier rock to keep vehicles away from the river to help protect the sensitive riparian areas and limit negative impacts to the floodplain, while directing users to the new site furnishings. We installed an informational kiosk area with information and regulatory signage and an interpretive panel about the history of the site, which is also ADA compliant. New information and regulatory signage was placed throughout the camp. In the equestrian section of the camp, we installed highlines with the help of BCHW members as well as a mounting block. The additional 12 camp sites were prepped and new fire rings and picnic tables were installed. We also moved a handful of campsites to locations in better proximity to the loop road or walk-in site parking, which will help us maintain the sites more efficiently. The disc golf course will be set up again in the spring when the snow melts and we will change the course with the help of local enthusiasts each year, as long as it doesn’t involve ground disturbance in a sensitive area.

Quick Facts

WWRP Applicant: Natural Resources Dept of Category: State Lands Development & Renovation WWRP Grant: $233,954.87 Applicant Match: $25,195.14 Project Type: Development County: Kittitas Legislative District: 13 Status: Closed Completed RCO Project # 16-1900

Location Details

From State Route 970, turn north on Teanaway Road and continue 7.2 miles to the Teanaway Road and West Fork Teanaway Road intersection. Turn west onto West Fork Teanaway Road and continue 0.6 miles. The campground entrance is on the left.

What is the WWRP

The Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP) is a state grant program that creates and conserves local and state parks, wildlife habitat and working farms. The Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office administers WWRP grants, and the legislature funds the program.