What is the Coalition?

Unifying voices for Washington’s great outdoors


Our Mission

The Coalition’s mission is to ensure robust funding for Washington’s great outdoors by unifying disparate voices through education and advocacy.

Who We Are

The Coalition is a nonprofit organization that leverages the voices of a large and diverse group of allied interests working together to obtain public funding for new local and state parks, wildlife habitat, and preservation of working farm and forest lands.

Founded in 1989 by former Washington state Governors Dan Evans and Mike Lowry, the Coalition’s membership now consists of a diverse and bipartisan group representing conservation, business, recreation, hunting, fishing, farming, and other community interests.

As a nonprofit group, the Coalition is supported by generous individuals, foundations, corporations, and organizations from across Washington and does not receive any of the public funding it advocates for—every penny of the public funds go directly to projects in local communities throughout the state.

What We Do

The Coalition promotes and advocates for state and federal funding for parks, wildlife habitat, and working lands across Washington State.

In 1989, the Coalition spearheaded the Legislature’s creation of the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP) to address the need to preserve more land for outdoor recreation and wildlife habitat.

To date, the Coalition has successfully leveraged over $1.3 billion in state, local, and private dollars through the WWRP grant program for over 1,200 parks, trails, wildlife habitat, and working lands projects.

The Coalition also leads education and advocacy efforts on behalf of the national Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) Coalition in Washington State, promoting federal investments in Washington’s natural heritage and outdoor recreation economy. Read more about our work with LWCF.

Our breadth and diversity is the key to our success—no one member of the Coalition could secure such high levels of funding for parks and habitat on their own!

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