Port Gamble Ride Park-Kitsap Forest & Bay

Category Overview

Local Parks grants help protect these symbols of vibrant communities, providing places for families to gather and play and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle in an era when people spend increasing amounts of their time inside. The WWRP is the largest source of local parks funding in Washington, helping communities fund the acquisition, development, and renovation of vital recreation areas and green spaces.

Project Highlights

Kitsap County used this grant to acquire 177 acres for the future development of a mountain bike ride park (the “Ride Park” property), including trails with riding loops and skill obstacle elements. The site is located in north Kitsap County and is adjacent to and has access to the Port Gamble Shoreline Park with 543 acres of uplands and tidelands, as well as the 1,345-acre “Ecology Block” and the 1,326-acre “Western Forest Tract” portions of the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park. The original acquisition target was 200 acres, however, the acreage acquired was reduced to bring the purchase price within secured funding levels. The primary recreation opportunity provided by this project is multi-level mountain biking trails and challenges. The Ride Park acquisition is now part of the recently acquired 3,500 acres of the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park. Beyond the Ride Park facility there are many miles of trails throughout the park which are available for hiking, equestrian use as well as mountain bikes. The Ride Park also links to the planned Sound to Olympics (STO) regional trail system east of the Ride Park property. QUESTIONS 1. Is there an opening ceremony or ribbon cutting event planned or has one already occurred? None planned for this portion of the Park. RCO Project Grant was acknowledged as part of a larger ceremony highlighting the completion of the whole park acquisition work in conjunction with Forterra, NKTA, Park Stewards and other partners. 2. Describe the location of where the RCO funding acknowledgement sign is displayed at the site. RCO funding acknowledgement sign will be posted at the Ride Park facility once we have a kiosk or sign board at that location within the park or near to-be-developed parking area. There is currently no appropriate location for a sign to visible at the acquisition site. 3. Is there anything else about this project you would like to clarify or explain? Prior to acquisition of the Ride Park property by Kitsap County Parks, an agreement was reached between the County and the landowner, Pope Resources, where Pope would conduct one final, thinning harvest in order to bring the cost of the Ride Park acquisition down to a level for which the County and project partner Forterra and the Kitsap Forest & Bay Community Campaign had secured funding. The Ride Park area was thinned (approx. 100 trees/acre retained) in order to best protect an aesthetic forested landscape character while providing space for the development of Ride Park trails and facilities. On the adjacent Forest Tract property (now Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park), the former landowner, Pope Resources, retained a timber deed, giving them the right to harvest on more time over the next 25 years on areas outside the Ride Park. These acres will be replanted with conifers and a forested landscape reinitiated. SPONSOR MATCH Value of federal funds leveraged $0 Grant Funding Received • Local $200,000 • State $500,000 • Federal $0 • Private $3,286,752 • Total $3,986,752 ATTACHMENTS Final Deed, Deed of Right, and Settlement Statement are already uploaded.

Quick Facts

WWRP Applicant: Kitsap County Parks and Rec Category: Local Parks WWRP Grant: $500,000.00 Applicant Match: $570,000.00 Project Type: Acquisition County: Kitsap Legislative District: 23 Status: Closed Completed RCO Project # 14-1484

Location Details

Access to the site is from State Route 104, 2 miles south of the town of Port Gamble at a westside trailhead gravel parking lot which is gated. Access by vehicle is by permission by Kitsap County Parks.

What is the WWRP

The Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP) is a state grant program that creates and conserves local and state parks, wildlife habitat and working farms. The Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office administers WWRP grants, and the legislature funds the program.