May 1, 2020

Even as we continue to face the impacts of COVID, we must do what we can to protect our outdoors. As the Seattle Times editorial board noted recently, “The need is even greater today. After the current isolation and self-quarantines pass, parks and open spaces will be a much needed tonic.”

That is why we do the work we do, advocating and educating about the WWRP and the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund. Since it was created by Congress in 1964, the LWCF has helped protect many of America’s greatest natural treasures, including Mount Rainier and Olympic National Parks. To get an idea of how Washington has benefited from the LWCF, check out this flyer.

If you’d like to speak up and support the LWCF today, please ask your company, club, or organization to join the Coalition in supporting the LWCF by signing onto a letter of support for the Great American Outdoors Act (S. 3422). This joint bill directs funds to address both an underfunded LWCF and deteriorating infrastructure in our national parks and other public lands.

We hear the bill has a shot at being included in an upcoming economic stimulus package because it has bipartisan support and it will create jobs all across the country. By signing this letter, you can help demonstrate the strong and diverse support for LWCF and ROPA.

Additionally, the national Land and Water Conservation Fund Coalition is looking for spokespeople/advocates to provide quotes and possibly participate in a virtual fly-in. Do you have a story of current economic disruption in the outdoor sector and/or how investment in parks and public lands can directly impact the recovery? If so, or if you have any questions or ideas about how else you can help support, please let me know!