Amid coronavirus response, Congress must support parks and open-space fund

March 20, 2020

In an editorial from the Seattle Times, published amongst the news of the COVID 19 pandemic, they remind us that Congress was moving toward fully funding the Land and Water Conservation Fund and a backlog of National Parks maintenance work before the virus began to spread in the US. In Washington state, this has helped fund nearly 300 recreation facilities and preserve 120,000 acres of open space.


“The need is even greater today. After the current isolation and self-quarantines pass, parks and open spaces will be a much needed tonic.”

“Fully funding LWCF is also a low-cost economic stimulus that will reach all corners of the country, yielding direct and indirect benefits. It supports outdoor recreation that generated more than $887 billion in annual consumer spending and supported 7.6 million jobs in recent years, according to the Outdoor Industry Association.”

Read the entire editorial here.