The Boeing Company awards $25,000 grant to the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition for public education, conservation efforts

January 11, 2013

SEATTLE—The Boeing Company announced today that they will be contributing $25,000 to the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition’s efforts to maintain Washington’s quality of life through land and water protection.  The grant is in addition to an earlier gift of $10,000 to the Coalition.  Boeing’s outstanding leadership on this issue reflects a growing understanding by the business community of how Washington’s economy and conservation are inextricably linked, and continues the Boeing Company’s efforts to address climate change.

The Coalition will use the $25,000 grant to reach out to communities across Washington, particularly low-income communities, to educate them about securing Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP) grants for the projects that are most important to them. The grant was presented by Boeing’s Global Corporate Citizenship Northwest region organization.

“We are so pleased to have a community partner like Boeing,” said Joanna Grist, Executive Director of the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition. “Boeing understands the economic and social values of conservation and the critical role it plays in the recruitment and retention of high quality talent.”

As part of a strategy to address climate change and pollution, Boeing launched the grant program to invest in community-based programs that protect and restore critical natural assets and habitat, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, inspire environmental citizenship, and educate citizens to reduce their impact on the environment.

“Supporting the coalition is about doing what’s right, but it’s also about the quality of our community,” said Richard Wynne, Director of Geopolitical and Policy Analysis at Boeing and a member of the Coalition’s board of directors. “We recognize that it’s that quality of life that helps give Northwest companies like Boeing a competitive edge, drawing highly skilled workers to the area. Boeing supports the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition, and other organizations like it, because it contributes to a more livable and more attractive environment and makes this a better place for our employees.”

With the $25,000 grant, the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition will conduct targeted outreach to increase the number of city, county, and non-profit organizations that apply for WWRP grant funds, as well help educate the public through media outreach efforts. The Coalition’s goal is to increase the number of grant applications, which will lead to continued fulfillment of the Program’s mission: To create new parks and trails, preserve farms, and protect and restore habitat for fish and wildlife.

About Boeing Corporate Citizenship
Boeing Global Corporate Citizenship refers to the work that Boeing does in its diverse communities, both as a company and individual employees. The economic well-being of the Pacific Northwest region and the vibrancy of its communities are foundational components to the region’s long-term health and viability. Boeing plays a significant role in ensuring the Northwest Region provides for strong, vibrant communities through its support of arts and culture, civic, education, environment and health and human services needs. Last year Boeing contributed more than $20 million to organizations in Northwest communities where employees work and live.