Advocacy Toolkit

February 12, 2021

Parks & Great Outdoors Legislative Day might be over, but our advocacy work is just heating up! Check out the resources below and help us keep the pressure on our state representatives.

Contact Your Representatives

Not sure which legislative district you live in or who your representatives are? Enter your home address on the district finder HERE. Then, click on the name of your representative to find their contact information.

WWRP Letter of Support (SAMPLE)

Customize this sample message to speak up for the WWRP projects that are most important to you! If you’re making a phone call, simply adapt this letter to use as a call script. You can also download an editable copy below.

Dear Representative/Senator [Last Name]:

I’m a constituent in your district and I’m reaching out today to tell you that I support the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program projects in my district.

These investments are vital for securing equitable outdoor recreation access for our communities and conserving vital wildlife habitat. Funding the WWRP will improve the mental and physical health of our residents while preserving the economic impact of our working forests and farms.

In fact, WWRP projects like the [Project Name] will only become a reality with your support!

Please vote to fund the WWRP grant program at $140 million this biennium, so that [Project Name] will improve the quality of life in our district, and so that more communities will enjoy access to safe outdoor spaces.

Thank you for your consideration and your continued service on behalf of all Washingtonians!


[Your Name]