Why we should honor Billy Frank Jr. in the US Capitol

April 6, 2021

HB 1372 to replacing the Marcus Whitman statue in the national statuary hall collection with a statue of Billy Frank Jr. passed in the House on March 8th and in the Senate yesterday on April 5, 2021. Billy Bryant, the 2016 Republican nominee for governor in 2016, wrote an opinion piece in Crosscut. about why we should honor Billy Frank Jr. in the US Capitol. Read the full op-ed here.


“This was our opportunity to honor a leader who had not only contributed to our state’s history, but who had shown us how to move forward into our future.”

In his words and in his life’s deeds, Billy revealed how we can build for future generations by defending what is right and uniting diverse interests behind a common plan. Billy pulled people together, listened hard to those with different opinions, empathized with their perspective, then figured out how to keep going.