Where I’m thankful for

December 15, 2014

A story from our Executive Director, Joanna Grist:

Every summer since my youngest son was three, my family has gone backpacking in Olympic National Park near the Ozette River. On the trip this year, the kids discovered a whale skeleton, lichen they’d never seen, and just got to be kids—running like crazy up and down the beach.

Moments like that make me so glad to work for Washington’s great outdoors, and I need you to join us in our effort.

Think about your favorite place, whether it is a trail, neighborhood park, riverbank or forest. Don’t you want to ensure your kids and grandkids have those memories too?

It takes all of us to secure our natural legacy. When you give today, you’re giving a gift that lasts lifetimes.

Without people like you, we would not enjoy the same quality of life we have today. I hope I can count on your support—would you consider a $25 gift to help us meet our year end goal?

You can protect the places you love.