What conservationists want to see in upcoming budget proposals

March 1, 2021

WWRC’s friend, Adam Maxwell, Campaigns Manager for the Washington Audubon Society spoke with Michael Goldberg from Washington State Wire about Washington’s environmental coalition priorities that he would like to see legislators include in the budget. Read the entire conversation here.


Adam: We want to make sure that we’re safeguarding the Operating Budget for natural resources. Historically, it’s a pretty small percentage of the amount of money our state spends on the Operating Budget. It fluctuates around two percent, but those programs provide immense benefit. The Department of Fish & Wildlife, The Department of Natural Resources, Ecology – these are programs that ensure state projects have clean water components and that there are less toxic chemicals in our water, land and air.

Adam: On the Capital Budget side, our state has some fantastic grant programs that are run through the Recreation and Conservation Office. One of those is the Washington Wildlife and Recreation program, which funds parks, trails, habitats and farmland preservation.