Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program Deserves Olympia’s Attention

March 10, 2011

Read an editorial in the Spokesman Review in support of keeping the tried and true structure of the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP) and encouraging readers to bring up the issue with their legislators.

Excerpt: “For 20 years, WWRP has quietly helped groups and agencies secure everything from fishing docks and local ball fields to hiking and biking trails and prized habitats where wildlife flourishes and people can fish, hike and hunt.

The money doesn’t just go where the votes are. For example, population-thin Asotin County has outcompeted King County for some bids, winning $3.75 million in WWRP for projects ranging from playground equipment to Blue Mountains elk winter range.

That’s the beauty of WWRP. More than 250 groups representing business, recreation and conservation support the WWRP, which improves our quality of life, leverages matching funds, creates jobs and supports local businesses.

But WWRP won’t get the traction it needs to survive this legislative session without individuals bringing it up to their representatives.”

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