Washington Hunters Reminded To Be Aware of Noxious Weeds

October 16, 2017

Washington hunters heading into the backcountry this autumn are being asked to stay alert and report any noxious weeds they find, and to take easy steps to prevent their spread.

Excerpt: “Hunters are asked to clean their boots and gear and also to report any noxious weeds they find to help the State inventory these species – especially new infestations. ‘It is everyone’s responsibility to help protect the backcountry and wildlife from the devastating impacts of invasive, noxious weeds,’ said Alison Halpern, executive secretary for the Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board. ‘Brushing off your boots and gear takes just a few minutes but has such lasting effects by preventing further spread of invasive species.'”

Read the full press release on the RCO website.