Our Voice: Keep State Politics Out of Park and Habitat Funding Process

April 26, 2017

Check out an editorial in the Tri-City Herald which urges the House of Representatives to restore the integrity of the WWRP by not cutting land acquisitions:

Excerpt: “For 27 years, our state has had a brilliant, unbiased system for determining which conservation and recreational projects should be funded through the Legislature. But the integrity of that system is now threatened. The state House has cut 15 recommended land projects from its capital construction budget. This goes against the evaluation process that is supposed to protect against political meddling. House members need to rethink this misguided approach and abide by the impartial ranking system that has worked for more than two decades. Every year different organizations submit applications for grants that would help them acquire, develop and restore lands around the state as part of the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program.”

Read the full article in the Tri-City Herald.