Tips for social distancing and the outdoors

March 18, 2020

Our friends at Conservation Northwest recently posted a helpful blog on suggestions for preventing the spread of COVID-19 while spending time in nature.


“Being out in nature can be restorative. It can provide some respite from stressful, busy lives, and for many of us, the outdoors is simply where we’d rather be. So during this tough time, it’s only natural to want to head outside. And for those who are able, we encourage you to do so.”

“Getting some fresh air and exercise is a good way to keep yourself healthy—physically and mentally. But we all need to do so responsibly. If you choose to head outdoors, consider possible effects on vulnerable individuals as well as our healthcare system, taking steps to minimize risk. Make sure to continue practicing social distancing and proper hygiene even while enjoying the outdoors.”

  • Stay local as much as possible
  • Bring your own lunch and limit stops
  • Postpone group activities
  • Don’t carpool
  • Maintain excellent hygiene
  • Avoid risky or potentially dangerous activities
  • Enjoying nature from your home

Read the entire blog here