The Ferry County Rail Trail

August 8, 2016


By Fred Wert, Coalition Founding Board Member. Photo Credit: Jesse Harding. Thumbnail Photo Credit: Craig Romano.

The “Little Engine That Could” describes the success of the Ferry County Rail Trail. This rail trail project is the culmination of 10 years of hard work by a local nonprofit, Ferry County Rail Trail Partners (FCRTP) and the Ferry County Rail Corridor Committee. In one of the smallest and poorest counties in Washington State and without direct County financial support, they have created a trail that connects communities and highlights some of the beauty within this region.

On August 28th there will be a ribbon cutting for the Phase III of this project, all using WWRP Trails Category funding, with the entire match coming from local businesses and volunteers. It is a project which would never have occurred without the drive and determination of the local nonprofit and the existence of the WWRP program.

This current Phase III completes 7.4 miles of finished trail which consists of a hard, gravel surface that complies with ADA and is a great surface for all types of non-motorized use. The trail hugs the west shore of scenic Curlew Lake and heads north from the town of Curlew along the Kettle River. When completed this trail will extend 24 miles from just north of Republic up to the Canadian border at Danville.

Bob Whittaker, the president of FCRTP says, “We are super stoked! Thanks to the WWRP program we were able to match volunteer labor and local business donations to make this possible”. And part of that labor was the engineering knowledge of FCRTP Vice President Keith Bell to make an accessible and beautiful surface for all to enjoy. This project will now be added to one of the attractions to bring more visitors to this wonderful valley and help this community thrive.

Learn more about the Ferry Country Rail Trail from this article by Rich Landers in the Spokesman Review or visit the official FCRTP website.

Attend the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the Rail Trail on August 28. Read more about the event here!