The Difference You Made

July 9, 2015

These are just a few of the projects your tireless advocacy
helped save!

Dabob Bay


Preserving pristine wetlands along Dabob Bay on the Hood
Canal, an area critical for the commercial shellfish industry. This project
would also protect the Navy’s underwater research range and open the area for
future trail development for hiking and wildlife viewing.

Taneum Creek


The protection of critical salmon and mule deer habitat on
Taneum Creek in L.T. Murray Wildlife Area near Yakima and restoration to
provide clean water for Yakima Valley farms and communities.

Kukutali Preserve


Construction of day use facilities at Kukutali Preserve to
include new trails, picnic areas, and other facilities to develop the preserve
into an education and wildlife viewing destination.

Thank you! None of these important projects would have been funded if
you hadn’t stepped up and told the legislature they needed to restore WWRP.

Photo credits: RCO PRISM