The Benefits of Exercise for Children’s Mental Health

March 12, 2020

A recent research posted by the New York Times, on the link between physical activity and depression risk in adults has suggested that exercise may offset the genetic tendency toward depression. So how does that translate to children?


“There’s good evidence that this same association holds in adolescents, a group with a generally high risk of depression, and with concerningly high suicide rates. But adolescence is also a time when physical activity often becomes less common, especially among girls.”

“There was a clear association between more frequent physical activity and lower levels of depression and anxiety, but the most significant difference was between the least active group (active for 60 minutes or more on zero to three of the past 14 days) and the somewhat active group (four to seven of the past 14 days). The most active group (eight to 14 of the past 14 days) had the highest levels of well-being and the lowest levels of depression and anxiety, though within that group, daily activity conferred no special benefit.” Read the entire op-ed here.