Spice Waala Catering Recreate 2021

August 23, 2021

We are excited to announce that Spice Waala will cater WWRC’s Recreate 2021 Lunch. Spice Waala is an Indian street food restaurant in Seattle serving flavors of Calcutta and Delhi. Uttam Mukherjee and Dr. Aakanksha Sinha started Spice Waala in 2018 hoping to share their favorite foods growing up and the diverse flavors of India at affordable prices. Their food is delicious, fresh, and packed with flavor. We LOVE it, and we think you will too! We are lucky to snag this popular team that has been featured multiple times by the Seattle press and is well known around the city for their unapologetic and tasty street food. 

Beyond serving amazing food, Spice Waala is also committed to working toward food security in the community. Prior to COVID-19, they partnered with nonprofits in the Seattle area, donating a percentage of their profits to organizations fighting for food justice. When the pandemic started and there was a growing need for access to food, they created a new program called Bhojan, meaning meal or feast in Hindi. Since March 2020 they have served over 20,000 free culturally relevant, nutritious meals and donated over $7,000 to food insecure communities.  Co-Founder Dr. Aakanksha Sinha has a Ph.D. in Social Work, and has spent her life researching food justice and how to bring social change. Co-Founder Uttam Mukherjee is originally from Calcutta, where kathi rolls were first created, and always dreamt of having a kathi roll business. It’s no surprise the two combined their passions into one delicious and community responsive organization. We can’t wait for you to try what they are preparing for Recreate 2021, but in the meantime go and check them out, if you already haven’t!