Senate Budget Would Cut Six NCW Wildlife Recreation Projects

April 3, 2009

Six North Central Washington projects would not be funded under the Senate’s plan to cut the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP), according to the Wenatchee World. The Senate included $50 million for the program, which was funded at $100 in the previous biennium.

Excerpt: “Both north central and south western Washington are hard hit with the Senate’s proposed cuts, [Jill Washberg, spokeswoman for the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition] said.

“There are such huge swaths of wild land, the habitat projects are uncomparable to other parts of the state,” Washberg said. She said if the funds don’t come through this year, the property may not be available in two years to buy. “That’s the thing about land acquisition. It could be a now or never thing,” she said.”

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