San Juan Islander: No Capital Budget

July 23, 2017

The San Juan Islander talks Capital Budget and what’s next for WWRP.

Excerpt: “Arlington’s Haller Park, once filled with drug use and homelessness, is set to receive WWRP funds to complete the construction of a community spray park. This new aquatic facility would provide a safe alternative to swimming in the unpredictable Stillaguamish River, and has received great support from the local community and the Stillaguamish Tribe. Another Local Parks construction project of note is Spokane’s Bidwell Park Development, sponsored by the Spokane County Parks and Recreation Department. This project would provide a home for local sports teams by expanding green space, paving trails, landscaping, and building a multi-use sports field as well as a restroom, playground, picnic shelter, and additional parking.”

Read the full piece in the San Juan Islander.