Recognizing Champions of the Outdoors: Nominations Open

March 28, 2023

The Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition’s Fall Celebration is October 12, 2023 but we’re already deep into the planning process. Now, we want your input! Nominate people who inspire you within the outdoors community. 

Here are the three awards that are potentially being given out and the history behind them.

Joan Thomas Award

Created to recognize conservation champions who have worked tirelessly to ensure that the next generation has access to the same beautiful parks, wildlife habitat and working farms that we enjoy today. Thomas was a pillar and respected leader of the conservation movement in Washington and a founding member of the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition in 1989. Her commitment to our natural heritage was second to none.

Evans-Lowry Distinguished Leadership Award

Created to recognize the unique contribution Coalition Co-Founders Governor Dan Evans and Governor Mike Lowry made to Washington’s great outdoors. Their unique partnership and bipartisan leadership were instrumental in building the broad support that remains so critical to the Coalition’s success in preserving Washington’s great outdoors. This award is given to individuals or organizations forging unique collaborations to achieve big things in the outdoors. 

Forward Award

Created to recognize young leaders working tirelessly to protect Washington’s natural places. Awardees use innovative solutions to make the outdoors more accessible for all. Lylianna Allala, Julianna Hoza, James King, Kim Pham, and Rachel Voss were the inspiration behind the award and the first recipients.

Executive Director Christine Mahler with 2019 Award Recipients: Alberto Rodriguez, Kaiwen Lee, Teresa Bendito, and Sally Jewell