Reaching across the aisle (and geographic divide) for Washington’s future

June 7, 2013


It’s not hard to imagine that West-side executives and East-side recreationists probably have very different lives or different ideologies, but there is at least one issue that unites many Washingtonians.

Conservation is not a partisan issue, which is why the Coalition is joined by such a diverse group of supporters.

“The Coalition is not about politics, it’s about place,” said Michael Collins of REI.

We have the ability to leverage millions of dollars for important local projects that create jobs and preserve our quality of life because of passionate donors who support our work across the state.

Here’s what just a few of our donors have said about our work and why they support us:

“In the Northwest, we think in terms of making places that everyone can enjoy,” said long-time Coalition supporter Jean Walkinshaw, “that’s what’s so great about setting aside land for everyone.”

“The way the Coalition has mobilized so many different resources from other organizations is wonderful,” said Maggie Coon, who working at the Nature Conservancy for many years. “It helps make it an efficient, lean machine that produces incredible results.”

“The longer you’re in public office, the easier it becomes to see connections between open spaces. You can lose your natural areas so quickly, but you suffer the consequences of losing those areas forever,“ explains Fred Romero, a former director at the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission.

We would not be able to continue our work without the generous support of our donors. As the only watchdog for the WWRP, we are excited to keep promoting projects that ensure communities across Washington have access to outdoor recreation in parks and trails and fresh food from local farms.

Our donors know they – like all Washington residents – are stakeholders in conservation. We’re proud to be joined in partnership by hunters, anglers, business executives, healthcare professionals, non-profit workers and others.

Join this elite group by becoming a donor today.