Raids on Premier, Tax-Free Conservation Fund Must Stop

June 27, 2019

The Tri-City Herald urged Congress to stop raiding the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund and make funding for this important conservation program permanent. They praised US Senator Maria Cantwell for her work to make the funding mandatory.


“Our lands, parks, lakes, rivers and forests have been neglected for decades, which goes against the protective measures Congress developed over 50 years ago when it launched the LWCF. Now there is bipartisan support to get back to using the fund for its original purpose.

Legislation in the U.S. House that would provide $900 annually to the LWCF already has advanced. The companion legislation in the U.S. Senate must move on as well.

It is time the LWCF be used as intended – to protect our natural resources and increase access to our public lands – and not as a side account lawmakers can tap into when they feel like it.”

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