Public Lands Pups!

October 31, 2017

Here at the Coalition, we love bringing our four-legged friends out on the trails and to local parks, so that they can explore nature and enjoy the great outdoors with us. Take a look at a few of our #PublicLandsPups for yourself!

ROSIE (on behalf of Betsy Robblee, Program Assistant)

NITRO (on behalf of Christine Mahler, Director of Philanthropy)

GENERAL GAO (on behalf of Danica Johnson, Communications & Marketing Coordinator)

FENWAY (on behalf of Andrea McNamara Doyle, Executive Director)

Do you have a photo of YOUR #PublicLandsPup that you’d like to share with us? Email it to Danica, or post it on Facebook, Twitter, or IG and tag us for a chance to be featured!