OPINION: Red, Blue, East, West Say The Same Thing: Invest In Our Quality of Life

October 21, 2012

Read an Op-Ed in the Bellingham Herald by Dan Evans and Mike Lowry, co-founders of the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition, citing bipartisan support for conservation issues.

Excerpt: “A recent poll in the newly redistricted 8th Congressional District, currently held by Congressman Dave Reichert, backs that up. Conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, the nation’s largest Republican polling firm, the poll found that 84 percent of voters in the redrawn 8th, which includes both sides of the Cascades, share a strong conservation ethic. Urban or rural, east or west, Republican or Democrat—the results differ only by the margin of error.

This shared ethic diverges sharply from the narrative of political pundits and campaign ads. To our dismay, we have watched environmental issues grow increasingly polarized in this country. But the Northwest is different. We’ve always had leaders on both sides of the aisle who have stood up for our natural heritage, and we are gratified that this is true in this year’s gubernatorial race as well.”

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