New Woodruff Sprayground Squirts, Sprinkles and Delights Local Families

July 29, 2019

A new WWRP-funded sprayground recently opened in Olympia—the city’s first! You can learn more about the project and join us in celebrating it at a grand opening ceremony on August 7. Details here.

Excerpt: The city of Olympia’s new Woodruff Sprayground has opened, much to the delight of kids and parents looking to escape the summer heat.

At the west Olympia park, waterspouts spin, pulse, and periodically erupt from the ground, keeping kids entertained and cool.

The opening of the sprayground marks the culmination of a process that the city of Olympia began in 2015, when Parks and Recreations director Paul Simmons set out to bring a water attraction to west Olympia.

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