New Senior Policy Director prefers treelines to tech

December 1, 2014

We’re excited this month to announce that Vlad Gutman has joined the Coalition team.

Vlad is the Coalition’s new Senior Policy Director and will work on our advocacy and communications on both the federal and state level supporting our work for secure robust funding for Washington’s great outdoors.

A veteran campaign operative, Vlad has run congressional and state legislative campaigns and worked on races ranging from mayoral to presidential. He moved to Seattle from Chicago last year to work in the tech sector on policy and issue communications, but quickly realized that was not his passion.

“I was spending my weekdays planning weekend hikes and outings,” Vlad said. “I realized what I should be doing between hiking and camping was working to preserve these incredible natural treasures, and the WWRC is the absolute best place to do that. I’m so excited to work with this incredible organization.”

Outside of his outdoor hobbies, Vlad loves opera, brews (and drinks) beer and volunteers for the Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy.