Needed Reforms for State Parks and Recreation Grants Program

January 31, 2016

To reform the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program’s (WWRP) review process, the Recreation and Conservation Office, Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition, and Washington Recreation and Parks Association met to discuss the impact of Senate Bill 6227 and House Bill 2509 on the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program’s (WWRP) review process.

Excerpt: “The revisions to the program also would:

  • Improve access to grants in underserved communities by waiving all or part of a requirement for a match by a project’s supporters;
  • Simplify the system used to rank projects and adding a new separate account for projects related to preserving working farmland and forestland;
  • Strengthen public access for lands acquired through the program, while allowing some transparent restrictions necessary for sensitive habitat and public safety; and
  • Allow land trusts to compete for more grant funding for habitat conservation.”

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