Mossyrock Cop: State’s New Conservation Hero

September 19, 2012

Mossyrock police officer Rebecca Sutherland was honored by the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition for her work to create Klickitat Prairie Park.

Excerpt: “She is phenomenal,” said former Gov. Dan Evans, co-founder of the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition.  The Coalition on Wednesday honored Sutherland on Wednesday with its 2012 Joan Thomas Award.

“I’m just a police officer, mostly in small towns:  I grew up in a small town and know the trouble kids get into if they have no place to go . . . This is more than a park.  This is the way of providing a future for our kids,” Sutherland told a crowd of 600 at a Coalition breakfast.

It is Mossyrock’s first park, and building it has brought jobs to a rural town with high unemployment.”

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