January 30, 2015

Meet our new Outreach Intern, Sam Griffin

As a
graduate student in the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Administration (which is named for one of our co-founders) at the
University of Washington, Sam looks forward to applying skills learned towards
environmental stewardship with the Coalition. 

A native of Seattle, Sam
appreciates the unique characteristics that make Washington state special and
spends his free time exploring the great outdoors, either on foot, bike, or cross-country

In working with
the Coalition, Sam looks forward to furthering the organization’s mission by
unifying the goals of various interest groups to preserve Washington’s natural environment. 

“I see the potential that having a diverse group of stakeholders brings,” Sam
says. “This gives me confidence that our natural resources can continue to be
preserved well into the future.”

And as a fun fact: Sam hopes to visit 40 countries by the age of 40.