Meet Mari: A 4-Year-Old Trail Explorer

November 30, 2017

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This time of year reminds us of all the things we are grateful for. And we are especially grateful for your help in preserving Washington’s natural treasures for future generations to enjoy.

Meet Mari.

Mari is four years old and lives in Tacoma. Although she’s growing up in the city, she absolutely loves the great outdoors. When she’s not playing at a local park or chasing her dogs around the yard, she is out on the trails with her mom, aunties, and cousins. She especially loves climbing rocks and camping out under the stars.

“I love the outdoors because we get to explore and see the different colored leaves on the trees, I can put my feet in the water, and I get to eat marshmallows when we camp,” says Mari.

Her mom agrees. “Getting outside to hike and explore on trails is a big part of our lives. Not only does it help me to teach Mari about respecting plants, animals, and the ecosystem, but it gives her a chance to be a leader and explore. It builds her confidence and helps me to be more grounded.”

Mari gets to enjoy these trails thanks to your support.

Simply put, Mari wouldn’t be able to experience the great outdoors the same way if it weren’t for public lands. Her family doesn’t own acres of old-growth forest—they live in a crowded urban environment. If not for public trails, Mari wouldn’t have the chance to form such a deep connection with nature.

If we don’t continue to protect and preserve these precious public lands, kids just like Mari won’t know what it’s like to look up at a canopy of evergreens in the mountains. They won’t have the experience of seeing wild animals in their natural habitat. And if you ask us, that’s not okay.

This is why your support for the Coalition is so vital right now. Every dollar you donate provides over $100 for our great outdoors. Your support preserves existing wilderness trails—and creates new ones across the state. You’re helping kids fall in love with what makes this state so special. You’re nurturing the next generation of preservationists.

Give back, so we can protect trails for Mari and kids like her—all across Washington!

Check out photos from Mari’s hike with her mom and friend at Franklin Falls earlier this week (plus, a good ol’ fashioned snowfight!). All photography by Avery Daniel Photography.

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