Little parks, big impact

May 30, 2014

The Coalition’s LWCF Campaign Director, Hannah Clark, discovers the impact of our work in her own neighborhood.

During a recent walk through my neighborhood I happened to look at a sign for a park I walk past every day on my way to work, Spring Street Mini Park.

Lo and behold, it was funded by the Land and Water Conservation Fund! And just a few days later I noticed that another of my favorite pocket parks, Firehouse Mini Park, sported the same sign.


Both parks are gems in Seattle’s Central District, which is one of the city’s most diverse neighborhoods. It was once home to the likes of Jimmi Hendrix, Bruce Lee and Sir Mix-a-Lot.

 It remains a vibrant and active community. Every time I walk by the parks, there are children playing, families picnicking, local workers taking a rest under the shady trees. It’s amazing how much value even a small park can bring to a community.

A portion of federal LWCF grant dollars match state and local funding for parks, trails and recreation amenities. This year, LWCF funding could make more neighborhoods come to life across the state. Check out the list of proposed projects that the Coalition is fighting for!


 LWCF, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, has invested over $600 million in Washington State. But the program expires next year without Congressional action, and each year the fund has been raided.

Thankfully we have leaders like Senators Murray and Cantwell who have co-sponsored legislation to fully fund and reauthorize LWCF, and Congressman Dave Reichert who has led House efforts to reauthorize the fund.

 Have you seen LWCF or WWRP funded projects in your neighborhood or your favorite fishing spot? They don’t always have signs, so check out our map of Projects in Your Backyard to find out. Send us your photos!