Little Known Program Has Big Impact

July 15, 2006

Read this Op-Ed by J. Lennox Scott, chairman and CEO of John L. Scott Real Estate and Louise Miller, former member of the state Legislature and King County Council highlighting the benefits of Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program funding to King County.

Excerpt: “If you live in King County, chances are you and your family have enjoyed the work of a state program you probably know nothing about. It’s called the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program, and from Bothell to Black Diamond, and in every corner of our state, the WWRP funds the acquisition and development of outdoor amenities we all enjoy.

Those amenities are especially important as this region competes in a national — and increasingly international — marketplace for attracting new businesses, retaining existing businesses and keeping and attracting an educated work force. The mountains, the rivers, the remote hiking spots and the busy neighborhood parks around us are all integral to our quality of life. They keep our economy strong. That’s why the WWRP is so essential to our future, and deserves our support.”

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