Leaders for Washington’s outdoors, part 1

January 30, 2015


With a staff of just eight, the Coalition’s 60-member board is essential to our success.

Our board members drive across the state to meet with legislators, meet with community members who want to know how they can apply for grants from the state and federal government, and ensure the Coalition keeps working to protect Washington’s outdoors for future generations.

Departing president Peter Dykstra served three terms, helping the Coalition deepen its outreach in Eastern Washington.

“My most valuable experiences as Board Chair have been the chances to bear witness to the successful projects the Coalition has helped create that truly change lives – the lives of people and the lives of communities,” Peter said. “Whether they be kids in cities and small towns, the families that can continue to steward their farms and forests into the future, habitat for wildlife and the salmon families of our tribal partners, I treasure each story of transformation that happened because of our collective work as a Coalition.”

Peter continues to be involved on the board and is optimistic for the future.

“My hope for the Coalition is that it be able to thrive using the best of what it is built on – trust, collaboration, integrity, bipartisanship and steadfast commitment – and increase its impact in seeking to connect the people of Washington to the State’s precious great outdoors.”