Jefferson Land Trust seeks to expand protected properties in Jefferson County

August 21, 2020

Jefferson Land Trust has recently submitted two Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program grant applications in the hopes of preserving forested and farmed areas in Port Townsend and Jefferson County. Read the full article here.


The first grant application seeks funds to acquire numerous properties in the Quimper Wildlife Corridor, a greenbelt of native vegetation that stretches along the top of Quimper Peninsula, from McCurdy Point to Fort Worden State Park.

The second grant application seeks to protect Natembea Farm from development. Natembea Farms is a 97-acre property on the outskirts of Port Townsend that includes farmland, pastures, forests and wetlands. It was purchased in 2016 from the Swanson family by Devon and David Pablo Cohn, who had a mission to “preserve the land for community benefit in a way that honors its history as a family farm.”