Even in Tough Times, Outdoors Still Important

July 7, 2011

Read an Op-Ed in the Issaquah Reporter by John McGlenn and Bill Chapman, founding board members of the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition, thanking state legislators for supporting the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP) even in a tight budget year.

Excerpt: “Funding of critical program like the WWRP and [the Land and Water Conservation Fund] LWCF is a long-term investment in our communities due to the number of jobs outdoor recreation like fishing, hunting and hiking brings to our state.  Annually, parks and recreation-based activities generate some $8.5 billion in retail dollars and millions in tax dollars, supporting 115,000 jobs statewide.

In addition, businesses around the state recognize the importance of the outdoors and quality of life when attracting skilled workers. And Realtors know that communities with recreation opportunities and parks are vital to growing home sales in our state. In tough economic times, industries and communities have come to depend on both the short- and long-term benefits of investments like the projects funded by the WWRP and LWCF.”

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