Editorial: Fee Increase Would Do Little to Aid National Parks

November 2, 2017

Confused about the proposed National Park Service fee increases and the NPS Legacy Act in Congress? Look no further!

Excerpt: “Compared to Disneyland tickets, $70 a carload can sound like a relative bargain, but our nation’s national and state parks have always provided a refuge of affordable vacations for families, particularly those who can’t afford airline tickets and resorts. A near-tripling of the entrance fee and increases of other park fees would force many families to forego that vacation option.

And the fee increase wouldn’t allow the park service to put a significant dent in needed maintenance. According to park service estimates, the increase would generate about $68 million to $70 million additional each year over the $200 million the park service currently collects in fee revenue. And only 20 percent of those funds would be available to parks outside the 17 where the fee increase would be charged, offering little in maintenance funding to the nation’s 400 other parks.”

Read the full article in the Everett Herald Net.