EDITORIAL: The ‘Curtain’ Parts a Bit On Land, Water Conservation

September 25, 2012

Read an editorial by the Yakima Herald-Republic noting the similarities in support for conservation issues on both sides of the Cascades.

Excerpt: “According to a memo accompanying the survey, “These voters overwhelmingly say public lands are good for the state; two-thirds reject the idea that we have enough and don’t need more; they say that public lands are good for the economy; and they overwhelmingly believe we have a moral responsibility to care for these lands. In fact, a solid majority say that public lands are one of the best things our government does.”

Supporters of the programs are touting this data to muster up support for their cause, and certainly they have a political constituency. But what strikes us is this is one issue in which voters across the Cascades are more alike than different.”

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