Editorial: Congress Should Renew Tax-Free Conservation Fund

July 4, 2015

An editorial from the Tri-City Herald explains why LWCF is so important for Washington state and the nation.

Excerpt: “Since the program’s inception, it has provided more than $600 million in grants in Washington. In the Tri-Cities, the fund has helped Sacajawea State Park and Columbia Park in Kennewick, the pools in Kennewick and Richland and the Badger Mountain Spray Park.

It also has helped pay for the 23-mile Sacagawea Heritage Trail along the Columbia River, as well as Highland Park in Pasco, Vista Park in Kennewick and Burlington Park in Connell. If the fund is reauthorized, $840,000 is set to be spent on stream restoration in the Umatilla National Forest.”

Read the full editorial in the Tri-City Herald.