EDITORIAL: Coalition Helps Preserve State’s Quality of Life

October 1, 2013

Read an editorial by the Wenatchee World celebrating the bipartisan nature of the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition. The coalition was co-founded for former Republican governor Dan Evans and former Democratic governor Mike Lowry.

Excerpt: “From the outset, the coalition was intended to transcend partisan politics. It was conceived by former governors Dan Evans and Mike Lowry to safeguard the quality of life of Washington state.

This year, the coalition was successful in getting $65 million from the state for projects, including a number in North Central Washington. The program funded $1.8 million for the Camas Meadows Natural Area, $257,000 for Cashmere Riverside Park, $286,000 to acquire land near Castle Rock which will provide public access to that iconic area, $950,000 for shrub-steppe habitat improvement, $1.25 million to protect land in the Stemilt Basin, $365,000 for a trail in Winthrop, $995,000 for an ice rink in Winthrop, $2.7 million for acquisitions in upper Dry Gulch and $3.1 million for the extension to the Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail.”

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