Draft House Budget Bad News for South Whidbey Campground Grant Request

April 12, 2017

Advocates and community members on Whidbey Island are upset about the House cutting a valuable WWRP camping project from their budget proposal. This, along with 14 other land acquisition projects, have been unfairly targeted and removed by the House. Read more.

Excerpt: “The cuts are a concern for wildlife and outdoors advocate groups such as the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition. They say the removal of land acquisition projects, which all 15 cut requests were classified as, from the proposed budget should be a concern for those who don’t want to see land redeveloped into condos or strip malls. Cutting all acquisition projects also went against what the coalition says is a proven funding allocation formula that doesn’t “pick and choose” what kind of projects to fund. The coalition says that’s unfair.”

Read the full article on the South Whidbey Record website.