Development Director Carrie Bates embarks on new journey

May 3, 2013

imageCarry with her husband and son in Iron Horse State Park, which has previously received four WWRP grants

After 10 years at the Coalition, Development Director Carrie Bates is embarking on what is arguably her most important job to date: raising her 3-year-old son, Miles and her newborn daughter Juniper (“Junie”). But even though her time at the Coalition is ending, she is still passionate about conservation.

Growing up to protect the outdoors

Carrie grew up in upstate New York where her parents owned a cabin in the Adirondacks where she first fell in love with the outdoors.

“I spent most of my summers hiking, swimming and catching crayfish,” she said. “It instilled a love of nature and a core duty of environmental stewardship from a young age.” 

In college, Carrie studied graphic design and completed a thesis on reducing excessive product packaging. Motivated by her desire to get more involved in conservation, Carrie joined the Coalition’s staff after a few years in advertising.

“Knowing that our work is to protect the parks, wildlife and working lands of this beautiful state for everyone, not just a few, was a prime motivation in my work with the Coalition. Ensuring there will be spectacular outdoor places for all of us to enjoy is an ongoing pursuit. I’ll never be far away from the Coalition and the work it does,” she said. “I see the Coalition when I visit our state and national parks and every time I take my kids to many of our local playgrounds. Washington is truly lucky to have an organization like the Coalition.”

Introducing her kids to parks

Carrie’s appreciation for the outdoors has only increased as her children get older.

“Every parent knows this: kids need to be outside,” she said. “Kids have so much energy that needs to be burned off. Not only for my toddler but even for my newborn. Sometimes the baby has trouble getting to sleep, at which point I bring her for a stroll outside for some clean, fresh air. It immediately calms her down. It’s amazing how green spaces, and fresh air help to relieve stress in kids and adults alike.”

Since leaving the Coalition, Carrie remains in touch with legislators, keeping them informed about the issues that matter most to her.

“Over the years, I’ve been inspired by the advocacy of board members and co-workers alike. No organization can protect parks, wildlife areas and working lands like the Coalition can,” Carrie said. “Working with the Coalition has shown me that grassroots activism is effective at making positive change in our communities. I’m so thankful for my time at the Coalition and miss it dearly already.”

We are so thankful for her decade of service and wish her the best of luck in all her endeavors.