Conservation Poll Reveals Interesting Shifts in Attitudes

August 22, 2012

Read an editorial in the Wenatchee World analyzing the results of a new poll of voters in Washington’s 8th Congressional District. The poll shows that the views of folks on both sides of the Cascades are quite similar when it comes to supporting public lands.

Excerpt: “There seems to be a far greater awareness and appreciation for the economic value of public lands in our region these days. I found it illuminating that 64 percent of those queried in Chelan County considered themselves to be conservationists. By significant margins, voters in Chelan County believe that public lands improve the quality of life in the state (78 percent), tourism (84 percent), opportunities for recreation (74 percent) and jobs and the economy (59 percent). The percentages for the district as a whole were higher, but not significantly so.”

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