Conservation Board OKs $100 Million Request

October 4, 2008

Three Island County projects are on the list of approved Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program projects put forth by the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Funding Board last week. These projects are eligible for $1.6 million in funding if approved by the Governor’s office.

Excerpt: “Island County got $672,500 for protecting Ebey’s Reserve Farmland, said Susan Zemek, a spokeswoman for the Recreation and Conservation Office. The money will be used to buy a permanent agricultural conservation easement on 65 acres of farmland within Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve on Whidbey Island.

The South Whidbey Parks & Recreation District may get $56,198 for building Trustland Trails Park, Zemek said. The district would use the grant to make the entrance, parking area and loop trail in Trustland Trails Park accessible to people with disabilities.

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission asked for $4 million to protect Admiralty Inlet Heritage Forest, but got less. “The project will be partially funded — at $923,049 — if the Legislature approves the $100 million allocation,” Zemek said.”

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