Commentary: State Grant Fund Vital to Preserving Barnum Point

April 2, 2017

Read Camano Island high school teacher and published author Val Schroeder’s op-ed in the Everett Herald on the significance of preserving and creating public lands. As a longtime Camano Island resident, she is well versed in the natural beauty of the island; especially Barnum Point, which has requested grant funds in the WWRP Water Access and Local Parks categories.

Excerpt: “Across from Triangle Cove lies one of these beautiful places — 129 acres of critical wildlife habitat called Barnum Point. This elusive, inaccessible land is home to eagles, deer, coyotes, raptors, woodpeckers and frogs — lots of frogs.

Barnum Point includes a mile of pristine shoreline along Port Susan Bay, through which more than 20,000 shorebirds migrate in fall and spring. Some, like thousands of dunlin, stay for the winter. This stop along the Pacific flyway also provides a critical feeding and roosting spot for wintering waterfowl. For these reasons and more, the Greater Skagit and Stillaguamish Delta has been recognized as a national priority for preservation.”

Read the full article in the Everett Herald.