Coalition Road Notes: Western Washington Stakeholder Meetings

February 12, 2016

Four stakeholder meetings across Western Washington followed closely on the heels of tremendously successful meetings on the east side of the Cascades.

Coalition staff traveled to Bellingham, Port Angeles, Aberdeen, and Olympia  over the past week as efforts to reach out into local communities continued unabated. Participants included folks with a wide range of familiarity with the Coalition and WWRP, as well as a diverse array of backgrounds including parks directors, mayors, sporting groups, and recreation non-profits.

But the stakeholders weren’t the only ones learning. “The only way to really see the impact of our work is to get out into these communities and talk to people about their experiences with WWRP-funded projects,” said Adam Goch, Policy Coordinator for the Coalition. “When you hear these stories, it makes all of the hard work we put in, day in and day out, truly worthwhile.”

Over 60 outdoor enthusiasts participated in these 4 meetings and several organizations decided to join with the Coalition as new members. In the months ahead the Coalition plans to continue these events, working hard to expand the visibility and popularity of the WWRP.