Celebrating community, conservation, and change

July 29, 2020

“Every successful new enterprise is a product of its time, built on the shoulders of others, and the rare confluence of the right people, knowledge, experience, and financial resources to overcome competition and the inertia of the status quo. And then you have to throw in some luck and catch a wave for good measure.”

– Elliot Marks, WWRC co-founder

These words from Coalition co-founder and former board member, Elliot Marks, feel especially relevant as we collectively trudge through 2020. Elliot understood, firsthand, the challenges of changing the status quo. As the founding President of the WWRC, he was a pivotal part of bringing together Washingtonians from wildly different backgrounds, from timber industry to traditional environmentalists, from hunters to labor activists. Together, they formed the Coalition.

The problem they faced was a complex mix of increasing population and declining investments in our outdoor spaces and infrastructure. Without change, Washington was at risk of losing the legacy of our great outdoors. Thanks to their passion, forethought, and willingness to collaborate, our founders protected many of the outdoor areas that we celebrate today.

It’s in this spirit that we’re embracing the changes that 2020 has shown us are necessary.

Over the last several months, Washingtonians were encouraged to maintain their health and well-being by using the parks and open spaces within their own neighborhoods. But it quickly became clear that these places don’t exist for many communities. And where they do exist, many parks and trails have been overwhelmed by demand this year. When every community has access to healthy and safe outdoor space, we all benefit.

So let’s come together. Let’s use this opportunity to re-imagine how our future can better support nature and people. Let’s create the wave to fuel this work in the years ahead!

Check out our website each day, September 21-26, 2020. Learn about the outdoor projects happening across Washington, and the people making them a reality.

We can’t wait to celebrate with you!