Auburn’s New Park Along the River

July 3, 2019

Auburn receives $500,000 WWRP grant to build a 14.73-acre community park at 104th Avenue Southeast along the Green River.

Excerpt: The city proposes to develop the Green River site into a community park to expand and create safe public access to the river for water-based recreation activities. Plans for the new community park include a 34-stall parking lot, improved access to the river, a .68-mile soft-surface trail looping through the site and added park amenities, such as a picnic shelter, interpretive kiosk, signs, drinking fountain and restroom.

The city also will remove invasive plants and replant native species. The land is a mix of forest and invasive species, and river access is by an unimproved path. The only parking is along a narrow shoulder on a curved road. On any given sunny day, there are dozens of cars parked precariously along the road, which people use to get to the river and its sandy beach.

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