A Farewell from Danica

May 3, 2019

As I reflect on my three years with the Coalition, I’m extremely grateful for this time working with such a special organization. I have had the pleasure of working alongside a number of incredible outdoors advocates and people of real character—from my fellow staff members to our illustrious board and everyone in between. This coalition is a group of truly distinct interests, personalities, and skills. I am proud to have served such a well respected and meaningful nonprofit for this time.

Yesterday, I was reminded again about the incredible importance of protecting our great outdoors and the difference that the Coalition and the WWRP make.

I went on a hike in the North Cascades with my partner, and ran into young couple visiting from Canada. They were so excited to be visiting the beautiful splendor of the Pacific Northwest, and had plans to go hiking at Mailbox Peak the next day. They were happy to hear that it was a WWRP grant that had funded the updated trail on Mailbox so that they—and thousands of others every year—can safely enjoy this incredible hike.

It’s almost impossible to go somewhere in Washington without hearing a story like this. WWRP projects speckle our state from west to east, from farmlands to mountains, and from rural areas to big cities.

This unique and valuable program has enabled future generations to experience the incredible beauty and splendor of the region, and because this program continues to receive funding from our legislature, I know that many more awesome places will be protected and maintained.

This is only one of the reasons why I continue to support the work of the coalition and plan to continue doing so for many years to come. I truly believe in the work that this organization does, and of the absolute importance of protecting our precious natural resources and offering outdoor recreation opportunities to communities from Asotin to Olympia.

I’m grateful for this experience and I hope you all will keep in touch as well! My last day with the Coalition was March 30—since then, I’ve been freelancing in communications and graphic design, and teaching yoga—oh, and getting outside as much as possible. Email me at hello@danica.yoga if you want to say hi.