7 Spring Hikes Near Hood Canal: Waterfalls, Streams and More

March 21, 2018

The Seattle Times offers up seven “watery” spring hikes near Hood Canal for your hiking pleasure.

Excerpt: By spring, and especially after four particularly wet winters in a row (but who’s counting, right?), most of us are sick of water. But what if, rather than being grumpy about all the wet stuff, we decided to take an “if you can’t beat it, join it” approach and celebrate it?

That was my thought when I planned a water-themed exploration along the Olympic Peninsula’s eastern edge. In springtime, all those mounds of snow in the high mountains above melt into dozens of streams racing toward Hood Canal, making for rumbling rapids and swollen waterfalls. Low elevation and an easy drive from Seattle make this a good place for exploring, especially when the weather is cool and cloudy. These hikes are both rewarding and relatively easy — which also makes them great for families with kids.

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